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Exotic dishes. Maldivian cuisine. This country is rich in fish, seafood, and coconuts. That’s why the most of ethnic Maldivian dishes include mentioned delish food. Mashuni is well-liked Maldivian dish (especially for breakfast) that consists of smoked tuna, coconuts, capsicum, lemon juice, and onions. This dish is commonly eaten with roshi that is like Indian roti. Some chefs bake Mashini inside roshi. Garudhiya is fish broth that is eaten every day in each home of Maldives. The dish is usually based on tuna fish and includes curry as well as pandan leaves. Garudhiya is served with rice, lime, chili, and onion. This clear spiced broth is surprisingly filling. Fihnu Mas is delectable chili-basted barbecued fish that is also well-liked Maldivian dish. It’s seasoned with various herbs and spices, as well as chili pepper, garlic, and onions. Rice and salsa are traditional side dishes for Fihnu Mas. Hawaiian cuisine. Islands of Hawaii are known for their unique and at the same time diverse local food culture. Hawaiian cuisine was influenced by native Hawaiian, Asian, European and American cultures. Kalua pig is slow-cooked pork dish that is incredibly delicious treat of Hawaii. Meat is cooked in underground oven for approximately eight hours and as a result the dish retains rich smoky flavor and becomes extremely tender. Kalua pig is usually seasoned with Hawaiian salt or red salt. The dish is also called kalua pork or luau pork. Lomi-lomi salmon is common side dish served at Hawaiian Luaus. It’s refreshing salad that is based on salmon. Raw fish is cured with salt and then sliced tomatoes, onions, and usually chili peppers are added to it. All ingredients are mixed altogether by hand. The dish is always served cold. Lomi-lomi salad has incredible flavor due to salty salmon paired with acidic tomatoes and pungent onions. Tako is another exotic giant of Hawaiian cuisine. The dish is made of octopus or squid combined with onions, sesame oil, soy sauce, seaweed extracted juice, and chili pepper water. Bahamian cuisine. Islands of the Bahamas offer tourists to try various ethnic dishes mainly based on seafood. Ocean mollusks, lobsters, crabs together with pigeon peas and spices are popular ingredients of the most delicious dishes. Conch is national dish that is on menu of almost every restaurant in the Bahamas. Seafood lovers should visit Bahamas to sample conch. This tender mollusk’s meat may be prepared in different ways. It may be marinated in lime juice or added to soups, salads or burgers. Conch salad consists of raw meat (marinated in lime juice and hot pepper sauce), tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Chefs also offer deep-fried conch fritters and cracked conch. Guava Duff is traditional dessert in the Bahamas and the best treat for those who have a sweet tooth. The dish includes guava fruit, sweet dough, and rum or brandy butter. Guava Duff is served warm with delightful sauce.