Most Windows text files use "ANSI", "OEM", "Unicode" or "UTF-8" encoding. What Windows terminology calls "ANSI encodings" are usually single-byte ISO/IEC 8859 encodings (i. e. ANSI in the Microsoft Notepad menus is really "System Code Page", non-Unicode, legacy encoding), except for in locales such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean that require double-byte character sets. ANSI encodings were traditionally used as default system locales within Windows, before the transition to Unicode. By contrast, OEM encodings, also known as DOS code pages, were defined by IBM for use in the original IBM PC text mode display system. They typically include graphical and line-drawing characters common in DOS applications. "Unicode"-encoded Windows text files contain text in UTF-16 Unicode Transformation Format. Such files normally begin with Byte Order Mark (BOM), which communicates the endianness of the file content. Although UTF-8 does not suffer from endianness problems, many Windows programs (i. e. Notepad) prepend the contents of UTF-8-encoded files with BOM, to differentiate UTF-8 encoding from other 8-bit encodings.

"Text file" refers to a type of container, while plain text refers to a type of content. Text files can contain plain text, but they are not limited to such. [ citation needed ]

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Holiday in Saint-Tropez. Saint-Tropez is a small picturesque resort town on the French Riviera, a former Greek colony with ancient traditions and its own holidays. Mild climate, clean air and an amazing sea view make Saint-Tropez a favorite holiday destination of artists back in the 19th century. Today Saint-Tropez is a prestigious resort, famous around the world as a recreational area of gilded youth and respectable people. The film “And God created Woman” starring Brigitte Bardot made Saint-Tropez world-famous. The town is also known as the scene of the comedy about the police starring magnificent Louis de Fun?s. Saint-Tropez has luxury hotels and private beaches, the picturesque port and old part of the town with the fortress of the 16th century. It is a charming hospitable Provencal town and famous resort at the same time. There are beaches in the town, but the best ones, including Pampellonne Beach, crowded with beach clubs and trendy restaurants, are located outside the town. There are two harbors in Saint-Tropez, crowded with many gorgeous yachts. Here you can charter a boat with diving equipment. Outdoor enthusiasts are provided with the opportunity to play tennis, golf, enjoy water sports, carting and rafting. The seafront is the most famous place in Saint-Tropez: many artists exhibit their paintings here. In addition to ports and beaches, Saint-Tropez can offer an interesting walk through the streets with trendy public places, craft shops, and elegant stores. The famous Butterfly House, where more than 20 000 samples of these insects are presented, is located in Saint-Tropez. This collection is considered to be one of the most important in Europe. The Art Museum is located in the harbor chapel. And the Maritime Museum is located in the ancient fortress building. It houses the models of ships and marine painters` works. The festivals and events that will make your vacation interesting and rich are held in Saint-Tropez all year round.