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Travel and Tourism. A lot of people travel nowadays. But why do people travel? It's not surprising because distances between countries are becoming shorter due to the development of transport. Today people have lots of good reasons to travel. First of all, travelling is a part of people's education. It goes without saying that it's always interesting to discover new places and new ways of life, to try foreigh food and to listen to unusual music. Besides, travelling is a good way to practise foreigh languages. Another reason why people travel is to relax. And finally, a lot of people travel around the world on business. There are a lot of diffent means of travelling. For example, when people have to visit another country, they prefer air travel because it's the fastest means of transport. Also, people like travelling by train. Nowadays modern trains are very comfortable.And a lot people prefer travelling by car because it's really convenient, you can stop any time you fell tired. What are the most popular tourist distinations? The most popular tourist distination in summer is of course seaside because in summer people prefer to relax, they like swimming and getting a nice tan. But if people travel in winter, I think they like skating and skiing. In recent years tourism has really taken off and today it is the world's second largest industry. Millions of people all over the world are fond of travelling.