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The NVIDIA Quadro K2200 delivers exceptional power-efficient 3D application performance. 4GB of GDDR5 GPU memory with fast bandwidth enables you to create large, complex models, and a flexible single-slot form factor makes it compatible with even the most space and power-constrained chassis. Plus, an all-new display engine drives up to four displays with DisplayPort 1.2 support for ultra-high resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz with 30-bit color.

This is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA notebook GPUs. However, please note that your notebook original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides certified drivers for your specific notebook on their website. NVIDIA recommends that you check with your notebook OEM about recommended software updates for your notebook. OEMs may not provide technical support for issues that arise from the use of this driver.

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