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The North American F-100 Super Sabre is an American supersonic jet fighter aircraft that served with the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1954 to 1971 and with the Air National Guard (ANG) until 1979. The first of the Century Series of USAF jet fighters, it was the first USAF fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight . [4] The F-100 was designed by North American Aviation as a higher performance follow-on to the F-86 Sabre air superiority fighter. [5]

The Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck (affectionately known as the "Clunk") was a Canadian jet interceptor / fighter serving during the Cold War both in NATO bases in Europe and as part of NORAD . The CF-100 was the only Canadian-designed fighter to enter mass production , serving primarily with the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Armed Forces and also in small numbers in Belgium . For its day, the CF-100 featured a short takeoff run and high climb rate, making it well suited to its role as an interceptor.

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