A text file (sometimes spelled textfile; an old alternative name is flatfile) is a kind of computer file that is structured as a sequence of lines of electronic text. A text file exists stored as data within a computer file system. In operating systems such as CP/M and MS-DOS, where the operating system does not keep track of the file size in bytes, the end of a text file is denoted by placing one or more special characters, known as an end-of-file marker, as padding after the last line in a text file. On modern operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Unix-like systems, text files do not contain any special EOF character, because file systems on those operating systems keep track of the file size in bytes. There are for most text files a need to have end-of-line delimiters, which are done in a few different ways depending on operating system. Some operating systems with record-orientated file systems may not use new line delimiters and will primarily store text files with lines separated as fixed or variable length records.


Il sistema di Corporate Governance di TXT è conforme ai principi contenuti nel Codice di Autodisciplina delle società quotate italiane pubblicato da Borsa Italiana, ed alla best practice internazionale.

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Extreme sports. Sports, which are dangerous for us, shouldn't take part in our life. Some people aren't bothered by it because an extreme sport is the most important thing in their lives, while others are angry about it because they think that people are menaced by extreme and can break up with life. I think that the extreme sports shouldn't be banned. Because they always allow us to be in good physical shape and have a good health. In addition, they allow us to feel something exciting and interesting. Therefore, I consider that it's an integral part of our life. But more people also think that the extreme sports should be banned. Firstly, if someone doesn't have basic skills, he can injure and, moreover, can die. The most of them don't find anything attractive in it. I don't agree with the opposing opinion because if you have a special equipment and proper training, you can't injure. All in all, I think that the extreme sports play an important part in our life. Although, they're dangerous, they inspire us to explore something which is new, unknown and interesting. It allows us to be active and debonuire people.